There are many property investment specialists, but very few are like Davenport.

Whilst many property investment companies might tell you that property investing is easy, and safe, we’ll tell you the opposite – it can be very difficult, and if you get it wrong, it can be very far from safe.

So, if you’d benefit from property investing, properly explained, do read on…

Let’s start by explaining what we set out to achieve for property investors: we aim to introduce you to solid property investments that will help you to achieve better returns from your savings, liquidity, other investments, and your pension.


And to help you in this ambition, we’ll make our position very clear from the start – when you speak with us, we’ll only ever be doing the following two things:


1. Being totally transparent about what any particular property investment actually is. (Which may involve some pointedly straight-talking, and some potentially unpleasant truths.)


2 . Introducing you to property investments that we either have, or would, invest in ourselves.


And that’s it. No over-stating the case, no miss-selling, and no exaggerating.


(If only everybody tried as hard as we do, property investing would be a lot easier, and yes, a lot safer.)


Since we started Davenport in 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of investors to firstly avoid the pitfalls, and then help them make their money make them more money. We’d like to think that we can help you too, so if you’d like to experience straight away what property investing, properly explained, actually feels like, just call us now on 01273 763 900.


Davenport investments include:

These are a representative selection of some of our current investments. We recommend that you always call us to find out more, just call us on: 01273 763 900.

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